Up until Saturday, I had a vast amount of Cortland apples in my house. VAST. Well, a vast amount of apples for a house used to having merely a half bushel at a time. I ended up canning (and failing at canning) about 25 quarts of yummy applesauce ūüôā Very happy about that!


Aren’t they pretty!!?!?! Also, I picked about 1.5 bushels of pears from one of our trees and made 13 pints of¬†pear¬†butter. For a true noob at canning and preserving, this is quite a feat! Thanks go to my canning queen relatives Leah and Nadine for the inspiration and help. ūüôā


Also, thanks go to Matilda (I just named her RIGHT NOW) for assisting me with the job. BTW, Matilda is now my new favorite family member!! She is giant and wonderful, and helps me mix,¬†knead,¬†grate, chop, strain, and grind! If I buy her another attachment, she’ll help with my¬†two year¬†old goal of grinding my own¬†flour. Then I could make not only my bread but also MY FLOUR!


Here is my not nearly so helpful but much preferred family member. He did help me put some leftovers in the fridge the other day. Sort of. He sometimes¬†assists¬†me in cleaning up his toys. Kinda of.¬†Accidentally. He’s DANG CUTE THOUGH!!! And¬†ohso¬†messy.


Here’s a mocha breve my favorite husband (that’s you J!!!) made me on Saturday. My favorite baby has a cold and wants only ME at night, causing much maternal exhaustion. When a slight desire for a mocha breve is expressed, J sweetly offers to make one.¬†Awwww:) As a side note, because¬†I’m getting old and foods affect me¬†differently¬†now, the coffee¬†actually made me very energetic and jittery. I was a distracted, shaking, cleaning FIEND for about an hour during C’s nap thanks to the espresso in my mocha breve.


BTW, are you impressed I know what a mocha breve is? I got this for J for his birthday and now we are all edu-makated on coffee speak.