The view down our road.
If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how crazy busy we were last winter, spring, and summer. Working on the house took so much of our free time. Lately J has been working overtime a lot (big release coming up for a project he’s on) which means that I also work overtime. This translates to us (wisely) choosing not to work on the house on weekends. Or we are too busy on the weekends to accomplish much. AND, I was gone two weekends in September.


C happily leaning over J’s back at a family get-together this summer.


But now October is here! This is generally our busiest month due to all the fun fall things out there. But oddly enough, it’s not terribly crazy this time around. I feel like we’ve gotten more done in October than we did August AND September.


We have the nicest clouds at our house! Hehe 🙂


Work feels GOOD sometimes, don’t you think? We were able to do so much this weekend and it felt awesome. And don’t worry, we also squeezed in lots of relaxing, laughing, dancing with the baby, and good food.


Baby race up the stairs a couple of months ago. Lilly won 🙂
Sometime life just seems to come together in such a wonderful way. I really love this place in our lives right now. Not that it’s all fun and games: C is still working on perfecting the art of sleep, our house always needs something done, extended family issues never cease to come up, the walls and windows of our kitchen have food smears all over them, and most of all: my food processor is breaking. NOOOOOO!!!!!!

This is how our mornings typically look: C is wildly happy to be awake and I look like a sleepy 12 year old boy. 

But seriously: we have a beautiful home, have a healthy savings account (for my sanity!!!), a clean garage (!), plenty of food, we are healthy (though a bit sleep deprived!), and we are happyhappyhappy. (Unless we are bickering. Which we NEVER do 😉 )


J and I still marvel over how we made such an outgoing baby. C can get anyone to hold him and let him touch their boobs, as evidenced by this German lady at the state fair.

Life is awesome. I’m really glad it is. Sometimes I wonder how I will handle it when anything truly awful does happen to me. And then I decide not to really think about it and I hold my baby tight and am very grateful for my amazing husband. Even when my kiddo wakes up crying at night I am happy I get to look at his sweet face. Sure, I’d love some sleep but, hey, if I can’t have it I may as well enjoy what I DO have: a cuddly (slightly whiney) mama loving boy. Plus I get to see my sleeping boy sit up in the middle of the night, clap his hands, sing Happy Birthday, then fall back down asleep. ALL WITH HIS EYES CLOSED. 

Nothing like it!



So yeah, I’m happy right now. I’m busy and crazy and short on pretty much everything. Isn’t that life? But I’m happy 🙂


PS- I will have to remind myself to come read this every so often. Maybe it’ll help in those times when I’m not so thrilled with my chaos!