This is going to be a post COMPLETELY full of my baby. People who like him may roll with wild abandon in the cuteness, others: avert your eyes.


C has recently developed a love for putting lids on containers. Hasn’t quite mastered which lids go with which containers though…. It’s dang cute to watch him trying sooooo veeeery haaaard to get his chosen combination to work. Labored breathing, brow furrowed, eyes focused. Funny πŸ™‚


Again, he’s not going to be closing the containers soon but he at least has round lid with round container!! And look, he still has his babyfat double chin. Awwww πŸ™‚


He spots my camera!


Barrels for it!!!


Yeah, he likes my camera.


Love the snot and scrapes. He got those little cuts next to his mouth by tripping and falling on a sprinkler he was dragging around.


C LOOOOVES to turn on the ABC song on his refrigerator magnet and dance!!! Dancing generally involves wildly swinging his head around or if he’s standing he adds a jumping sort of thing or walking in small circles. We dance a lot at my house since he likes it so much. πŸ™‚ C and I especially love to turn on the record player and walzt or swing dance around the dining room. I once got him to fall asleep doing that! WOW!!!!


Squash and pumpkins? BORING.


Sprinkler???? AWESOME!! I have no idea why he loves this sprinkler so much but he’ll endlessly carry it around the house or outside. And trip over it sometimes. I’m really not sure what it’s doing in the house. The other day it was in the front seat of my car.

Also, see Sadie in that last picture? I think she’s finally realizing this wild kid is here to stay. No wonder she looks a little melancholy.