This is the book C is reading right now. It’s his #1 FAVORITE!! He hands it to me VERY often and says loudly sweetly: “Bu! Bu!” If I’m tired of reading it to him I just turn the pages and he reads to himself saying “Ohyes” and “Dis-mbumbubub”. Sometimes he kisses the pictures of the characters. Repeatedly. And such.

I won’t lie, it’s pretty darn cute. Plus I love that my kid selects quality literature. Of course his taste in books at 13 months can only mean he’s a genius. NATURALLY.


This is the book I’m reading right now and it makes me say things like “J, LISTEN TO THIS. Oh, sorry. When you are done doing that and you can, will you listen to this?” and such. I’ve been wanting to read this book for YEARS. Seriously, it’s been on my list for at least 3 years and I FINALLY caved and just spent the $5.00 on it. I’ll detail the awesomeness for you when I finish reading it!

Also: do you love the seasonal decor in my photos? I spent precious naptime the last 3 days chopping, degooking, pressure cooking, scooping flesh, bagging, and freezing 42 CUPS of pumpkin. When it came down to the final three I said SCREW IT. I’M NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME.

Anyone want 3 baking pumpkins?