Yep, I realize it’s no longer Tuesday. What can I say? Busy? Slacker? Tired? ALL???

Here’s how my Tuesday went down.


This wasn’t taken on Tuesday but how could I not share?? It’s a HEAD SMOOSH!!! I went to Nebraska with 2 awesome friends for another friend’s wedding on October 1. And it was deeee-lightful. Second weekend I’ve left J and C! Now I think I’ll stick with them for a few months before leaving again.


I made biscuits (for our biscuits and sausage gravy dinner) and bread (but neglected the bread dough and didn’t bake it until Wednesday!).


My ONE private and quiet meal of the day: lunch. I share it with my lappie or a book and hate to leave it for afternoon work.


This is my tiny kid. With the amazing weather lately, we’ve been spending a couple hours outside each afternoon. C toddles around clutching sticks, leaves, my keys, or the sprinkler as his Exploration companion. Very occasionally he’ll glance back at me to make sure I’m there but generally, he just wanders. Love it 🙂


See that green circle-ish thing above my feet? With some mulch on it? that’s a walnut that our Flowerbed Chipmunk Neighbor tried to sneak into her nest/tunnel. Apparently it didn’t fit very well. It’s pretty wedged in the hole though. I think that’s funny!!


Me. Obscured by rays of light. A WOMAN OF MYSTERY.


My kid again. Dang he’s awesome:)