Life is always busy when my little babe is awake. Here’s how C has started to take his meals: I sit on the floor and shove food in his mouth as he darts by. He runs off for more playing then rushes back for another bite before returning to something more exciting. He is seriously always on the go. Always. Well, except when he’s sleeping or being read to. That’s a toddler’s life: non-stop exploration!

Ever since C started walking, mealtime has been a challenge. He’s way too busy to SIT and eat when the world awaits his fingers and mouth.


Today C perfected The Art of Climbing In the Highchair With the Tray Down. That was veeery interesting to watch. I sure can’t bend my body the way he does! Also: he now uses his little stool to get in high kitchen drawers. And he LOVES the broom closet. Oh sweet brooms, you grant me precious time to load up the dishwasher without my boy climbing in for the knives and plates.

Last week we went to our local children’s museum with some friends. Fun!

I really hope they put in fresh water in this thing every day….


C playing with his friends L and H. I remember playing in this sand area when I was little! They are remodeling the baby/toddler area in the spring so it will all be gone soon 😦


C turned 13 months old last week and here are his last 2 monthly pictures.

That’s my boy!!