Last night was a *cu-razy* night of sleep. I was in bed for 10 hours but only slept about 6 hours. Unless my tired brain calculated wrong….

Here’s how it went down:


SOMETIME AFTER 10:00 PM  J and I go to bed at our pathetically early bedtime. Oh well. On the plus side, when the kid(s) grow up and move out, WE’LL STAY UP REALLY LATE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!We’re looking forward to it. Only 17-22 more years!!! 🙂

12:45 AM C wakes up crying and I stumble off to help him fall back to sleep. Pretty sure I fell asleep slumped over my kid while in the rocking chair. Once again, I DID NOT smoother my child while doing this. SCORE! Back to my bed 10-15 minutes later.

2:00ish C woke again but J got him this time. I assume.

4:00 C wakes and J brings him to me. C has always had trouble sleeping early in the morning but it’s gotten harder lately so I generally just take him to bed with me. Most of the time C can’t fall asleep in our bed with us, it’s too distracting for him to sleep right next to The Yummiest Food In the World (me). But come morning, if I don’t sleep with him, he wants to wake up at 5:00 and start his day. NOOOO. This morning he nurses and tries to sleep for ONE AND A HALF HOURS. Yep. 1.5 hours. I think the no-nap thing yesterday royally screwed up his nighttime sleep.

5:30 C is finally sleeping deeply and I curl up next to him, admiring his pretty face, glad I get to sleep until 8:00, when he normally wakes.

6:04 My phone vibrates. I assume it’s J’s phone alarm and ignore it.

6:22 My phone has a vibrating explosion again. I check and it’s my mom. That can only mean one thing: someone is sick or dead. I wonder if sleeping 1 more hour will really matter? After all, I can’t change sickness or death, right? I accidentally fall asleep while pondering this.

6:37 My mom calls again. At first I ignore it again but decide to extracate myself from The Boy and see what’s up. Wake him in the process. Help him go back to sleep.

6:45 Call my mom. My aunt is unexpectedly in the hospital and needed a ride home around 8:00. I tell her I’ll take care of it and realize I will get only 1 more hour of sleep. Sigh. Replan my morning as I try to fall asleep. I’ll have to grab something portable for C and I to eat since we’ll be driving for over an hour as soon as we wake. I’ll have to change his diaper and clothes. I’m a stinking mess but get up and take a shower now? NO WAY. I’ll do that and brush my teeth during C’s nap this afternoon. And what about my super messy house? And all those dishes breeding in filth on the counter? And making dinner? We’re fresh out of leftovers. A TRILLION SIGHS. Finally sleep.

7:33 Miss another call from my mom.

7:34 Call her back. Try to go back to sleep after. Decide to ditch the whole ruined effort and quietly sneak out of bed to maybe shower. C instantly wakes, pops up with a happy gasp and a grin, and starts talking to me about Sadie.


Sigh. At least he was a happy boy!