C and I enjoyed a lovely day outdoors on Monday, as you will see later. This chillier weather we’ve been having sends him to the doors in the morning, sadly crying “ow, ow” for outside. Once it warms up each day, we spend most afternoons outside and he has a blast.

I never realized how awesome it is to have a big deck and a screened in porch. SOO nice to be outside without worrying about C eating mud or escaping my evil clutches. I just bring him to the deck, open the screened in porch door, close the deck baby gate doors (this blocks off 1/2 of our deck and a stairway), and we play.

This was my view as I laid on my back on the deck đŸ™‚ So pretty!

Our big beautiful oak over the deck. I hope I move away before we have to cut this tree down!

My big beautiful boy loves my camera….

Here’s where things get kinda crazy: C had a diaper rash from party neglect on Saturday (neglect from me; his many relatives corralled him while I hostess-ed but I forgot to change his diaper for a few hours) so I was letting him run around naked. Surprisingly (not) he peed on the patio floor and I was too lazy (also not surprisingly) to get the hose out so I scooped him up, set him faaaar away from the pee, and ran inside to get a rag. When I came out, C was .00001 seconds away from licking up his urine. Yup, he was face down, ready to slurp away (as he is prone to do, examples are here and here). I caught him just in time but DANG that boy moves fast.

So I grabbed him, carried him far away again, went back to clean, and SADIE (our dog) was poised and ready to drink! Arg!!! I ended up getting the hose and spraying things down anyway. Sigh.

BTW, C peed again on the deck before I put a diaper back on. S-m-r-t.

This is the reason why C won’t stay out of (or in) the screened in porch. The door doesn’t latch closed and is, ahem, in need of a small screen repair. C and Sadie escape through this hole…. I think we need to replace the screen in the entire door, not just the one section, and I don’t see that happening any time soon. Maybe when we’ve been here a couple of years?

Then C (Naked Butt as I like to call him) played with the hose on veeery low and I did the bills and budget on my laptop. Later I remembered he enjoys dragging the hose around even if it is off. Not sure why? It’s his best bud after his dog though…. So off went the water yet C was still vastly entertained pulling Hosey around the deck.

Love the water droplets in his curly hair.

Wow, I really don’t want summer to end.