Now that all the busy-ness of hosting 2 big parties in 3 weeks is over (YAY!!!), I’m glad to be back in my normal routine. Here’s what I’ve been doing:
Making oatmeal. I slow cook a big batch every week or two using steel cut oats (my favorite), water, brown sugar, and cinnamon. This way, when my hungry toddler is clinging to my legs and whining early in the morning, I can spoon out a chunk, warm it up, and it plop it on his table or highchair. Easy peasy. I also try to have some sort of egg casserole in the freezer or fridge for breakfast. Add to that some fruit (banana, grapes, or melon) and you’ve got a healthy breakfast.

When I’m really lazy and don’t mind feeding C again an hour later I just throw zuchinni bread or dog food at him. Whichever is closer.

Oh the days of a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Sigh. So simple.


We go through SOOOO many eggs. SO many. I store up all the egg cartons (and fruit/veggie containers) and give them back to my favorite farmers’ market people on the weekend. Except I don’t always remember to give them back. And they sure do add up after a little while!


This game I made is one of the reasons why I spend so much time preparing for parties. So much time spent and in the end I just plop food on the table, look at it 2 hours into the party, and realize I never put out the veggies for the sandwiches. Such a sad hostess without the mostess.


I had a slumber party Saturday night! With this lady. Serena likes to run, bike, and swim competitively, all in one race. And people are afraid of giving BIRTH. Why would anyone who does triathlons be scared of having a baby????? Not that Serena is, it’s just my side thought. Also, I would rather birth a baby than kill a live mouse.


This lady was at the slumber party too. And another lady who didn’t get photographed but who crocheted C a stuffed animal (to match the blanket she made him 1 year ago!). Theres nothing like staying up past 3:00 AM chatting with amazing friends! Then waking at 4:30 with The Boy, collapsing back in bed, and being laughed awake at 7:30 by Boy again. Love that my kid wakes up so happy but wow!! No sleep!

Then it was breakfast with friends and later I took a NAP. A lovely 2.5 hour nap. And J cleaned the house AND the garage and I didn’t clean a single thing the whole day. Do you have any idea how cleansing it is to NOT wash any dishes ALL DAY LONG???


And this weekend is New Harmony. Bliss.