A few weeks ago we went on an outing J’s work organized called THE PIZZA TRAIN. How awesome is that for an activity? Ride a train and eat pizza at the same time? Score!!

Except it was more like this: ride a train to a little town with a couple pizza places. GET OUT of the train to get your pizza (the nerve!). Get back on train and ride home.

A little less awesomesauce. But it was still fun! Especially since train sounds are C’s 5th or 6th favorite thing in life. HOWEVER, even after the train trip we’re not really sure he connects the actual TRAIN to that awesome “whoo-whoo” he loves to say. Maybe one day soon!

Anyway, we had a wonderful family trip 🙂

C was thrilled to finally be seeing a train and insisted he dress in character. Fortunately J’s work gave every child attending some cute gear for the trip. Look behind C and on the counter you will notice a bottle of water and a jar of Nutella, all you really need for a healthy lifestyle.



C and J look out the door while the train zooms rambles to PIZZA. Ps- C’s cheeks sometimes jiggle when he walks 🙂 Also, we can’t see his under-the-chin neck most of the time due to THE CHUB.


After a 45 minutes ride, we get to a little town, disembark, eat pizza, pick up lots of pizza from the floor under C’s highchair, change diapers, then gratefully let our energetic babe run around the town square. C also showed his patriotism by attempting to climb a flagpole. We assume he wanted to eat kiss the American flag.


Giving us an early glimpse of peer pressure’s place in our son’s life: C saw other kids with balloons and cried and whined that he wanted one. Of course we gave it to him, he’s our darling child! His next goal in life was to eat the balloon… This activity is his 7th favorite thing in life and will eventually lead to a ballon popping in his face.


This was the train we roade on. And this is my baby who hardly smiled the ENTIRE trip. When C sees something new and amazing, he becomes intensely focused on it and UBER serious. In every picture of us someplace Awesome, our kid has a wide eyed open mouthed look. So funny 🙂