A couple of months ago I became possessed with the idea of making ice cream. Ice cream! Homemade ice cream!!! Why, I don’t recall but since then I kept a Craigslist search for “ice cream maker” in my Google Reader. And then one popped up! A week before C’s and J’s birthday party! And after getting lost, it took me 1.5 hours to fetch it! With a fussy baby in tow!!! FUN!!!!

So I became obsessed with making ice cream while preparing to host a party for oh, about 20 people. Not a big deal. BTW, that party included ONLY immediate family members (and one close friend), that’s how big my family is. And several family members couldn’t come. Lotsa people.

I found several ie cream recipes online and ended up making: strawberry sorbet, strawberry and peach sorbet, peach ice cream, pumpkin custard, and my BIL Josh made blueberry ice cream.


Sadly I was too busy hosting a party and dealing with a my-nap-was-too-short-and-I-will-remind-you-constantly one year old so this is the only shot I have of our frozen treats. They were all yum 🙂 

And since then I haven’t touched the ice cream maker again, mainly because we still have some party leftovers in the freezer. My sister wants to borrow the machine next week which has stirred longings for fresh ice cream. Yum. Ice cream! Vanilla? Cherry? Chocolate?!?!?!

Slovenliness will probably win though since sitting on the couch is also an important weekend activity 🙂