C really loves playing, no matter the mess. I wonder if he thinks: “The messier the better! BWAHAHAHA TO YOU MOMMY!!

  • This morning he was blowing raspberries (is that what they are? I call them: bubbles because what the heck is blowing a raspberry???) on a wet floor.
  • While I was showering, he unrolled the toilet paper all over the floor.
  • He enjoys picking apart live and dead insects with his fingers when I’m not watching (I wonder how many he’s eaten….).
  • Pulling trash out of the trash can is an old classic, something he will seemingly NEVER tire of. Of course he thinks anytime we say “Yuck! Trash! Yuck!” and move him that we’re playing a game and he laughs. Sigh.

And his new favorite? The plantless pots residing on our back deck.

This morning C wanted to go outside so I let him open the door, and out he walks and THERE ARE THOSE AWESOME POTS MOMMY I DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE THE WORLD IS DEAD TO ME LEAVE ME ALONE I’M BUSY.


So he digs.

And tips.


And digs and throws.


And looks up at the trees and listens for trains.


And tries to hand me leaves and dirt.Ā 


After obviously trying to eat dirt…


Eating of dirt usually puts an end to playing.


And now he’s bathed and asleep in bed. But it took a while to calm down since he was so excited about a train we saw in a pre-nap book. My one year old was too thrilled with making train noises to fall asleep. What a life šŸ™‚