Good Things: I can eat WHENEVER I WANT. Woke up at 6:00? I can eat a couple breakfasts and a lunch by 11:00. Baby slept till 7:00 or 8:00 (so I did too!)? How about lunch around 12:00? Or 1:00? When C is awake? Or napping? Whenever!!

Challenging Things: It’s hard to eat with your bored boss whining and clinging to your legs. I bet that put a fun picture in someone’s mind. Yuck in any career other than SAHM.

Also: I’ve been busy lately. This busy: I have not transferred a single picture from my camera in the month of August. Wow. July had 616 pictures. 18 days of August? All still stuck in the big black camera.

Which Reminds Me: I really need to delete non-photogenic pictures on my computer. I tend to snap 15-20 photos whenever I use my camera in hopes of getting a good shot πŸ™‚ So I end up with a lot of extra crap. And it bugs me to no end so I go through and delete hundreds of pictures every once in a while.

Oh, And: We’re having our housewarming party! Finally! It will be September 10! If we’re not friends on Facebook, e-mail me if you want an invitation. As long I know you, I’ll give you my address πŸ™‚