In about two weeks, my kid will be one year old. One whole year! I am amazed:) I always thought a one year old would be walking and talking and totally a toddler. But my kid isn’t, which makes me pretty happy. He still looks like a baby, sleeps like a baby, cries like a baby. A big baby. But still a baby 🙂

So I was thinking I’d make a list of reflections for next time. Yeah, we’ll probably have one more kid in a few years and I’d like to remember these important things before time dulls them. And since this is the only place I semi-consistently write, you will have to suffer through them….


Things I Will Repeat With the Next Kid

  1. I will definitely breastfeed the next kid and HOPE it goes as easy as it has with C. It’s such as easy way to get him to chill, sleep, or feel better after a fall or accident.
  2. I’ll still use cloth diapers. Our $300ish purchase of newborn prefolds and covers through toddler one size diapers has been a great investment. Also, I’ll start EC sooner and not be so scared of it!!
  3. Baby Led Weaning? Totally wonderful for us. C has always eaten what we eat, starting in smashed form and moving to chunks and pieces. I always hated spoon feeding purees to babies and really lucked out learning about BLW before C started solid food.
  4. Co-sleeping. Yup, I’ll do this again starting from day one and NOT worry so much about my kid never wanting to sleep in his own bed. C sleeps in his own room at night as of about 1 month ago (sad and happy for me). Co-sleeping sure helped me get more sleep in the beginning though!
  5. Pretty much no area of the house is off limits. Before C was mobile, I thought I’d buy a few big baby gates and keep him in one area. Um, nope. This kid has an insatiable need to explore (and eat) anything he can reach! I pretty much just baby-proofed the entire house except for a few closets and cabinets. The stairway was the only place that ended up with a gate….
  6. Respond to baby’s communication. C really has never cried alone. Whether this means anything to him and who he is as a tiny person, I don’t know. However, I feel better. We generally respond pretty quickly to his communication, whatever form it is in. Sure, he fusses or cries inconsolably at times but we stick with him when he does.
  7. Practice gentle discipline. We use decribing words such as “yuck”, “danger!”, “Mommy’s, not C’s”, ect. instead of “No!”. This is actually very hard to do but we feel more comfortable with it than saying no no no no all day! Also, we don’t smack or spank C out of respect and love. We’ll trytrytry to parent him the way we treat each other (which is ALWAYS 100% wonderfully 😉 Hahaha). J sure wouldn’t get away with smacking me when I make mistakes though, that’s for sure!
  8. Keep my kid intact. Whether boy or girl, the next baby won’t have parts of his or her genitals cut off. No circumcision for our babies!
  9. Have a homebirth. With a doula. And a nice birth pool to relax and labor in. Since birthing is so relaxing.
  10. And last, because I think there should be a #10 to round out the list: I will cuddle, hold, and love my baby as much as I possibly can. Because he will only be a baby for so long….

Obviously this is my personal list and nothing anyone else must do. We’re all on Team Mom and do the best we possibly can for our amazing babies!