So what I really want to write about today is this: I AM SO SICK OF THE WHOLE DEBT CEILING DEBATE. SOOOO sick of it. Seriously Congress, we already spent the $, just raise the debt ceiling so we can pay our bills, so my mortgage interest rate doesn’t go up, and so we can GET ON WITH LIFE. Oh and Tea Party people: you are not smarter than all the economists out there. Yes, not raising the debt ceiling WILL be very bad for our country and if my interest rates go up, you can bet I’m blaming you. We can cut spending with the next budget (please!) but please just go along with your party for now.

As for cutting spending: maybe we should try cutting some military and overseas funding rather than domestic spending? Or better yet, maybe we could be more efficient and waste less in all areas of government? Or ban big lobby groups that control so much? Or how about cutting unnessecary medical procedures and putting more money into teaching people to live healthier?

Sigh. Americans are so fortunate yet so wasteful. There’s a case for and against all cuts. What to do, what to do…. A noob like me who only knows what I read and hear about the current debt ceiling debate can only rant and speculate 😦

But I won’t talk about that 🙂 I’ll talk about the interesting food we’ve been eating lately.

  • Our new favorite vegetable is (drumroll): BEETS!! The whole family loves them! Have you ever had a grilled beet? Totally amazing! It’s also amazing to see how the beets color, ahem, what comes out of you afterwards. Nothing like changing a diaper filled with maroon poop!
  • Also, I made fried okra a couple weeks ago. Yum 🙂
  • And kohlrabi? Have you seen this cool looking veggie? I hope so since I don’t have a picture of one. HOLY YUM is braised kohlrabi good!! J made some about a month ago and we all scarfed it down fast!

Wow do I love summer. There’s nothing like eating fresh fruits and veggies from our garden and local farms!

Also, I have a few little cabbages from our CSA. What can I make besides cabbage salad? Tips? Recipes? Ps- I don’t like sauerkraut.

PPS- Apple now has more cash laying around than the US government.