Last week I finished painting the laundry room!! Woo hoo!! 9 rooms down, 1 to go!!! It only took a few hours to paint the walls, trim, and cabinets so it was a pretty quick project. Probably 1/8 the size of the biggest rooms in the house so the laundry room was easy-peasy!

This is what the laundry room and the back of the dining room looked like in March.

Here’s what they look like now:

I like it better now πŸ™‚

Bright yellow Forsythia from Dutch Boy. Same paint I used on the stool legs. It’s pretty darn bright but I like it πŸ™‚ Sometimes I have the frightening premonition that people will walk in my house and say: “Wow, when are you going to paint this room?” about a room I already painted….

My aprons, clothespin bag, and the flyswatter (which I used yesterday to squash a strange flying insect on my counter). C’s dirty diaper bin is on the dryer now since he enjoys exploring poopy diapers. Lovely. The red bins hold Sadie stuff, laundry stuff, and kitchen stuff.

I like the now brown trimmed cabinets best πŸ™‚

Also one of my favorite views outside the laundry room: so crisp and clean! The laundry basket used to reside in the living room (for all C’s spit up clothes, bibs, and burpies) but is much more convenient in here for towels and napkins (since C hasn’t been spitting up trouble for months now!).

I bought a few new knobs at World Market and easily switched the old wood knobs for these cheery ones! Red in the laundry room and blue in the dining room.

In case you think I’m done:

I still need to scrape the paint from the laundry room door windows…. That will be fun. And now the only room left to paint is the ! bright pink ! upstairs bathroom.