So here are the insects we have at our house:

  1. Cicadas. These are okay with me πŸ™‚ I love listening to them “sing”. As a kid, my siblings and I used to collect their shells.
  2. Various spiders. Outside I let them be so they can kill pesky bugs. Inside I let them be as long as they aren’t somewhere I like to be: bed, couch, toilet, shower, etc.
  3. Paper wasps. Mud Daubers. These I loathe. I’m pretty terrified of them. EEEEEK!!!
  4. Stag beetles. We’ve only seen one and it was pretty darn big.
  5. Chiggers. MOST ANNOYING CREATURES EVER. They seem to live in random places in our yard so we’re avoiding playing outside nowadays. That and it’s way too hot out πŸ™‚ Also, contrary to popular belief, nail polish does nothing for chiggers since they chew a hole in skin to suck out your guts and then let go. Before you even start itching…
  6. Fireflies πŸ™‚ These are good! Magical at night πŸ™‚
  7. Giant moths. Also super cool and good. Did you know moths don’t have mouths? And fly by scent? At least that’s what Barbara Kingsolver told me. If I remember correctly… Aren’t I great with facts???
  8. Cicada killers. These things are wicked cool, like an apocolypitc creature. Freaky cool.
  9. Ants. No tiny ones anymore. Just the random/odd biggish one scurrying across the floor. We tend to ignore them.
  10. Tomato caterpillars, aka Hornworms.

Don’t you love the way I included a link with info and pictures about each insect?? All part of my “Love Your Wildlife Creatures More” campaign for myself.Β  I want my child to grow up with a healthy respect for insects, not a deranged fear like I have. I’m practicing my love of creepy crawlies πŸ™‚

Btw- C took SIX STEPS TODAY!!!! All by himself πŸ™‚ It was so cute I kinda had a spazz attack. ADORABLE. Now I’ll shut up πŸ™‚