C’s favorite places in our house? The two fireplaces!!! Well, those and: our bathroom cabinet, on the box fan, in Sadie’s food/cage area, the stairs, and anywhere near plugs, trash, or doors.  Well, really he loves the whole world. A LOT. Sigh:) His constant curiosity amazes me! In a good way! Always! Hehe. My babe inspires me to be more: enthralled with and insanely excited by life:)

Back to the fireplaces. This is the dining room one:

Perfect for creating a soot baby! It used to burn wood and then C learned to crawl so J cleaned it out and now it’s just a shell of a fireplace. It weeps about this every night. Distracting sentence over. Here’s how life was before a recent EPIPHANY of mine:

  1. C enjoys frolicking in the dining room.
  2. Adults continue their tasks, keeping en eye or ear carefully focused on the kid.
  3. The fireplace beckons!! Only C can hear its siren call!
  4. Bebe makes a bee-line for the fireplace.
  5. Responsible adults are generally distracted by now. We’re oh so attentive;)
  7. Adult on Baby Duty: “AHHHH-CCKKKKK!! YUCK!!! GROSS!!!! ICK!!!!”
  8. Adult swoops in to grab erring baby.
  9. Baby laughs.

After repeating that manymanymany times, I did this:

Ta da!!!! A bin of books will block all foul play! Education kills fun again!! Hehe, not really:) Ps- also I painted the mantel white…

The book bin kinda worked. C will mess around and get a bit sooty from fireplace crevices but generally stays clean. He also will sit there to read and flip through his books now. You win some, you lose some, right?

Ps- that drop cloth isn’t normally wadded there. Remember, I was painting….