Always an adventure: the niece Bella has been staying with us for a couple of days. Oh my what it must be like to live 24/7 with this girl! She’s got endless amounts of crazy surprises and hilarious words jammed in her brain:) Never a dull moment.

Guess what I found in our garden Monday night? On the tomato plants? GUESS!!! TOMATO DEVOURING CATERPILLARS!!! Guess who made them her pets and would NOT let me “dispose of them”?

Yeah, this kid:) The big caterpillar was the mom and the little one was the baby. I’m pretty sure the baby died of heat exhaustion and Belle related causes sometime yesterday. The big one seems to be on its way out after I found Belle towel drying it since it was wet. Wet? Yes. Somehow. Towel drying? Yep, with my bathroom hand towel.

The whole time she’s domesticating these things I’m thinking: I need to just put those poor caterpillars out of their misery. I was going to kill them to begin with but now they are just taking the slow torturous way out. The thing is Belle was being very kind and thoughtful to her creatures but still, she’s a kid so her kind and thoughtful wasn’t what the caterpillers wanted. And after finding the new pets on my tables and countertops, I probably wasn’t as kind and thoughtful as I could have been either….

Other stuff we did: Played Tinkertoys, made purse carrying devices, and various boring things. C now has 6 teeth (see them??), 5 of which he grew in the last 3 weeks. I am SO ready for teething to get easier. Doesn’t it? Somewhere?


I kinda feel sad that C doesn’t have an older sibling. He loves my sister’s kids so much, especially Belle. Oh well:( He’ll just have to be happy with lots of great cousins!!

My sister picked up Bella so I’m on my way out to squash some bugs….