I like this picture:) My baby was ever so sleepy and tiny at 6 days old. Oh the cuddles. Oh the constant holding. Oh the staring at his delightful new face. I mean, just LOOK at those wrinkles on his head by my fingers. Wow I loved him SO exceedingly very much the second I saw his mucusy grey beautiful face.

What started this silliness: I saw a newborn baby boy a couple of days ago and OMG such cuteness. Made me want another baby BADLY. J laughed when I told him this. He said something about the screaming and the poop and the intense exhaustion. I laughed too because HOW ridiculous for me to want another kid when mine isn’t sleeping through the night. Hehehe. I need to add the following to temper my gushing from above:

Oh the 3 months of first trimester nausea. Oh the getting up 4 times a night to pee the last trimester. Oh the pushing a baby out of me for HOURS. Oh the desperate sobbing when he wouldn’t go to sleep out of my arms at 5 days old.

But AWWWWW. The preciousness of my boy. Of walking him around the house at midnight and looking at the full moon out the patio doors. Of seeing him sleeping soundly on our bed every morning. Of running in to peek and check on him half a dozen times during meals or a movie. Of changing his teeny tiny diapers. Of being so worried that we’d hurt him putting on clothes. Haha, we were so funny and noobie. But AWWWWW. A baby:)




Thank you for suffering through the absurdities of my mind.