While garage saling (saling? Is there such a word?) today, I drove through an amazingly nice neighborhood. Big beautiful houses, large wooded lots, lovely landscaping. It all looked so easy. So orderly and neat. Civilized and relaxed. Effortless.

My front yard looks like this right now:Definitely NOT easy. I think I complain about my house a lot to people. Mostly to the thousands scores teens of people I’ve had come and give me quotes on getting work done;) Btw Natasha, your FIL is coming this afternoon to give me a quote!

But I do like my house:) It’s comfy. It’s home:) I need to remember that it will take a while longer to get things spiffy and tip-top (notice I’m avoiding the word perfect due to yesterday’s goal). We’ve cut down to doing house fixin’ only on Saturdays and taking Sundays off, so work will go a little slower now. We do have my BIL living here in exchange for weekend work (what a deal!!) so that helps some. Still. If only we could work for 1 entire month, nonstop. Imagine the results!!

Until ideal conditions are attained, here’s what I love about mi casa:

All the windows!!! Stop thinking about the cost of replacing them in 10 years…. And the trees!!! So green!!! Don’t think about the cost of getting those 2 giant trees cut down. Or about the chiggers in the woods that love eating us. 

GEEZ I’m a Negative Nancy!!! ENOUGH!! I shall subdue my second-thought inner voice and focus on my first-happy inner voice.


I love the skylights that let in lots of light!!


The wood stairs!! Btw, this is what happens if you leave the baby gate open: your kid gets in, shuts it behind him, and takes off!! C loves stairs. Sometimes when I run out of entertainment for him, I just follow him up the stairs, help him down to the bottom, and then we go back up. Repeat. ENDLESSLY.


The stairs are about to have pictures on their walls!! When we went to my brother and SIl’s for our vacation, I really loved that they have photos displayed out and about. Just everyday snapshots, not anything amazing or expensive. It was so nice to stalk look at their happy memories.

For a few years now I’ve been casually collecting ugly-fugly frames from life and garage sales. What for? Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I saw a Pottery Barn catalog photo featuring a pretty stairway wall covered in crisp white frames with cheery pictures in them. My sister WOULDN’T let me tear the page out of her mag (she’s loves her magazines!) so it exists in memory only. I checked out her Pintrest to get more ideas and then went at it when they did a project similar to what I had in mind on YHL. A couple weeks ago I ordered PAPER/REAL pics from the last year and have been spray painting the frames white in preparation.


Here are the results of my first load of pictures and frames. It’s like a Gallery of Baby C. Oops. What can I say, we think he’s kinda cute. I really need to sort through Pre C pictures and give us a little more variety!!


I’m also working on this:

Painting our laundry room a surprisingly bright shade of yellow. My sister and I were brainstorming on colors in the spring and her and I  J and I settled on yellow. We wanted it to be as yellow as the forsythia bush in the frontyard and the paint is Dutch Boy Zero VOC Forsythia Blossom:) Go figure!

So this weekend I’ll be spray painting frames, wiping wayward yellow drips off the floor, and watching the babe while J goes to a weekend long conference. Fun fun!!