It’s been a while! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We went to my sister’s house for July 4th. Swam, ate, talked, played with babies. You know, the normal family stuff:)


Put The Bebe to bed in my sister’s house then went to her giant backyard and played with sparklers. Forgot to watch the fireworks. Oops. I’ll pay attention next year!!


We went to a concert and art show in a nearby town. Yep, clouds there ARE pink!! We also visited a little consignment shop on our walk where C practiced his standing and J bought pants. Of course you needed to know that!!!


Went to our county fair and showed C the animals. A lamb baa-ed at him and since they are MUCH louder and more forceful than any of my baa-ing, C freaked out. The poor getting-brushed animal was really was loud, like this: BAAAAAAA. Did you say that aloud? 🙂 Not sweet and gentle at all! But it was pretty entertaining to watch C’s reaction. Don’t worry, J comforted him while I laughed and snapped pictures of the aftermath!


My baby practiced his Silly. And his Clingy. OMG HAS HE BEEN CLINGY. C got 3 teeth in about 1 week and I think another is coming also. This has really disrupted his life. He’s been happy as long as he has someone (ANYONE) right next to him to play with. Otherwise he follows me around whining and holding my legs. Poor baby in pain:( Hope this phase passes soon!


I made pasta!!! Ate a couple pomengranates. And ate yummy fair food:)

Yesterday (a very clingy/grouchy/needy day for C) he discovered a new joy in life: SPRINKLES!!!! Halloween sprinkles to be exact. A whole container to be exact. Right when I was getting ready to FINALLY eat lunch. Just when I wanted to have a nervous breakdown from a no-nap morning. Smart boy went and did this and made me laugh:)


Yep, he’s eating them off the floor.