What did you do over the weekend? We FINALLY stained/sealed our deck!!!! Super dee duper!!!! Here’s how it went down:


This is our deck back on May 27. Sad. Greyish. Mildewy. Ugly. Not to mention that icky chair:)

Since our house was vacant for about 2 years (and not in great condition even before that) the deck had probably not been properly sealed for at least 3 years. It’s such a large deck, it was a kind of daunting process to even start….


There was lots of mildew growth where the leaves and snow tend to pile. It was pretty bleak for a place you go to sit and relax.


Then at the end of May came THE PRESSURE WASHER!!! J and our roomie Josh spent a good 10 hours one weekend pressure washing the deck. It took a loooong time!! However, the difference  was amazing and it looked so much cleaner afterward.


After a month of letting the deck dry (haha, it didn’t need a month to dry, that’s just how long it took us to get back to it), we continued the saga over the July 4th holiday weekend. During the process we found: a huge scary beetle and bullets. So the skinney space between each board had leaves and junk jammed in necessitating a good cleaning. We got a few flat head screwdrivers and poked the twigs and stuff through or out of the cracks. And found bullets????? Yeah. A bunch of used and unused bullets. I guess the previous owners stood on the deck and shot into the backyard forest?


After a good scraping of the cracks ( 😉 ) and sweeping, we employed this AWESOME device: a weed sprayer. Ever used one on pesky plants? Well, if you fill it with sealant/stain you can spray your deck instead of painting or rolling the sealant on! This cut WAY down on our work!


Our method: I would spray 2-3 boards in an area then J and Josh would swoop in with their knee protection and brushes and smooth out the sealant/stain. Yes, I realize J is the only one ever working in these pictures but I PROMISE you we were all out there slaving away! And thanks to C taking a delightful 3 hour nap, we were able to finish the entire deck process (cleaning and prep, staining/sealing, and clean up) in one big chunk!

Overnight it sprinkled but the deck got a good 12+ hours of daytime drying time. And look at the beading!!!! MARVELOUS!!!!


So pretty!! Since everything is now all dry and happy, we’ll move our deck furniture back on soon and eat and play out there a lot more! We still need to seal the railing and we’ll do that this weekend.


So here are the final shots: Row 1: before pressure washing. Row 2: pressure washing then nearly finished deck!

In all it cost us about $200 to spiff up the deck: $90 for pressure washer rental, $10 for brushes, $100 for 5 gallons of sealant and stain (we’ve used about 3 gallons so far). And we’ll need to spend another $100ish adding on more spindles (half the deck has the spindles placed so far apart that C can fit between them!).

In terms of time, it took 2 days of pressure washing (Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday morning) and 3 hours for prep and sealing. I’m sure we’ll spend another 3 hours sealing the railing this weekend. And another a couple more hours nailing up the new spindles…. which really should be done BEFORE we seal the railing. Guess we’ll be making a hardware store run Saturday!!


To Do Still: Fix and seal deck railing, hire someone to do the final grading and seeding of the old pond area, and cut and trim the trees around the deck. Almost done!!!!