• Sometimes it’s easier to take the glass things OUT of a cabinet than it is to keep the baby out of the cabinet.
  • This morning I did $ stuff: paid all our bills for July, started the July budget spreadsheet happy and clean, calculated how much we need to save yearly for all our future expenses, and added J’s new raise to our yearly $ projections. Grrr to the million $s we need to save yearly for future stuff. Yay for a higher than expected raise!
  • I accidentally ordered 48 wallet sized pictures, not 14. Oops. So they come in sheets, not individually? So 4 wallet sized photos really means 4 SHEETS of wallet sized photos, each sheet with 4 photos? OOPS. What will I do with them all now that I’m not in high school passing out my school pictures….
  • I really love my life right now. I really love my little family a lot right now:)
  • Does this mean sometimes I DON’T love my family? Well, no, I always love them but sometimes I DISLIKE what they DO. Or rather how much I have to do for them;)
  • Tonight my mom flies back from Italy and tomorrow my babysitter little sister goes home. Dang. Who is going to watch my kid while I do one more thing? Who will help me do the dishes???? WHO?????
  • Having extended family members live in my house takes time to get used to but once you do, it’s kinda nice. Someone to watch Ze Babe when I am making dinner. Someone to talk to during the day. Someone to help with chores.
  • I am enjoying reading this baby nonsense.
  • And this article on how to talk to girls was an eye opener!
  • A cute tree housešŸ™‚ As long as my kids survive the: thorn bushes, poison ivy, snakes, ticks, and vampires in our wooded backyard, they can make LOTS of tree houses!!
  • I’m making these for C’s birthday party! My parents had a nice croquet set when I was a kid so I grew up playing it in the backyard:) Really, it was more like Hillbilly Croquet when we played it though. 8 little hooligans making up rules for croquet, in a big backyard out in the country. Probably we played it naked or at least in diapers. With buck teeth, messy hair, skinned knees, and an hillbilly accent. Probably most of the previous sentence is really true….
  • Wish we had this store nearby.
  • Happy birthday to one of my favorite books: Gone With the Wind!
  • And oooohhh, I wish I had an indoor swingšŸ™‚