This is what I am doing this afternoon:

1. Going through the photos on my laptop. I am deleting all those awkward/dark/awful shots that are just hanging around and eating my hard drive space. I’ve never liked a uselessly crowded hard drive:) That means I’m turning this:

Into this:See the progress???? No? Well, there is progress. I’ve deleted hundreds of UGLY pictures!!!


2. Also, I’m making bread. Yes, I just made 2 loaves on Sunday (and they are already gone?!?!?!?) but we are fresh out of bread again. So I made 2 slightly maple wheat loaves and a bunch of hamburger buns (for Thursday’s dinner). YES, HAMBURGER BUNS!!! Who woulda thunk it!!! Easy peasy too. Yum!!


Speaking of food: I made this yesterday for dessert to celebrate J getting a raise:)Leftovers again tonight!


Speaking of food again: We have gone SOOOOOOO over our June grocery budget that it’s not even funny. Feeding 4 adults and one hungry baby sustainable and environmentally friendly meat,  produce, and other food products gets pretty darn pricey. I will be very happy to see July’s grocery budget begin in a few days. I WILL figure out something to keep our food costs down!! We don’t go out to eat often (usually just once a week) and everyone eats food from home for workday lunches which costs more for the grocery budget. Sigh. Not sure what to cut out?


Well, I’m off to vacuum the rugs and carpet and sweep the floor. 2,800 square feet of floor takes a bit longer to clean than our previous 950 square feet.