Well, we worked around the Estate on Saturday, relaxed Saturday evening with friends, and then worked on various personal projects most of Sunday. It was a pretty calm and productive weekend!

Saturday J/Josh/Me/Lizzy/C did all of this:

  1. Went to garage sales.
  2. Went to farmer’s market.
  3. Hired someone to chop down our 2 huge dead/dying trees and to trim another.
  4. Ran errands without the baby!!!! I did that, btw, that’s why there’s so much delight at the end of that sentence.
  5. Cleaned a few gutters and a downspout.
  6. Weeded the raised beds and strawberry patch.
  7. Raked piles of leaves in the backyard and dumped them in the woods.
  8. Replaced 2 smoke detectors and installed 1.
  9. Replaced the whole house water filter.
  10. Offered up to family members various furniture being stored in our basement and garage.
  11. Cleaned up the screened in porch.
  12. Covered the woodpile with a tarp.
  13. Pulled out crazy plastic pipes buried in side yard.
  14. Straightened up cluttered and messy-ish garage. Again.
  15. And did other stuff too.

The real fun began Saturday evening when we made pizza with my brother Daniel and our friend David A. And David brought this AMAZING Swedish cake that took him 2 days of preparation to make. So moist and delicious! My tongue was in heaven:)

Isn’t it a pretty cake?



Clockwise: Of course before we could eat the cake we all had to photograph it:) David cut it:) Josh examined a gnat the drowned in our unfinished wine:( The cake was devoured. No leftovers:(



We all trooped outside to watch the setting sun light up the trees. This is the dead oak across the now-gone-pond and sadly, the prettiness will be chopped down in 2-3 weeks. At least no one will be killed by falling dead wood though…



Standing around on the deck. Check out J’s sweet shirt!!!

Garden Delights Clockwise: Tomato in a Cage, plums, pears, grapes, more plums, and zucchini blossom.



Checking out the raised beds.



I found a snakeskin tangled in the base a bush earlier in the day. Pretty sure it is from the snake who tried to sneak in our house!!


That’s all!!