Did I tell you about it yet? I think not. In case you were wondering: THE DINING ROOM TABLE IS OFFICIALLY DONE!!!!!

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! It only took me about 6 months;) Look here if you want to see The Complete (yet still in progress) Dining Room Makeover Process. If not, let’s all bask in the photo-progress of the dining room table, shall we?


Top pic is our dining room in December 2010. Before we officially moved in:) The bottom picture is from January 2011, during unpacking. LOOK AT THAT TABLE!! It’s so brown and blah:( And tiny without any leaves in it!

We found our table at Restore for $180 in December. My dad helped me and C pick it up and move it to our house that we didn’t even officially own!!! Hehe, I just now remembered that part. Yeah, I put furniture in a house we DIDN’T even own yet. Shrug. It was a vacant bank owned house, our offer had been accepted, the bank was taking 1 month to close (bank owned properties take a looong time to close), plus no one cared about our crummy old Estate back then. It was unloved, yucky, and the garage was not locked. Don’t tell anyone I did this btw.

ANYWAY: the table cost $180, came with 6 chairs, and 3 leaves. So we could have that big kitchen/dining room table we always wanted without the $500-1000 price tag. It was ugly but we were RESOURCEFUL!! And young and vibrant!!! I would eventually put in at least 10 hours of work spiffing it up but it was cheap in the beginning!!


Lovely brown table! First coat of primer! Learning how to use my camera well!!


Through the Dining Room Table Ages we would work on the dining room and I did this to our table:

  1. Sanded the table.
  2. Sanded parts of the chairs.
  3. Painted the table with primer.
  4. Painted all the chairs with primer.
  5. Gave the table and the extension leaves 3 coats of paint each.
  6. Gave the chairs 3 coats of paint each.
  7. Gave the table 3 coats of clear coat for protection (J helped with this:) ).
  8. Gave parts of the chairs 3 clear coats .



This is me, hard at work. Yes I look like a little tall boy with my new haircut. Yes my dog likes to sleep a lot. And YES painting the detailed/angular legs on the chairs and the screen-ish backs was AWFUL.

In this picture I have 3 drop cloths layered under the chairs I was working on. I used 3 because previously one drop cloth wasn’t thick enough and IT LEAKED, leaving paint splotches all over my dining room floor. That just helped me learn how to clean dried paint off a laminate wood floor!!!


After/during painting I:

  1. Unscrewed the seats of the chairs.
  2. Cut fabric in a seat shape:)
  3. Recovered the seats of the chairs.
  4. Screwed back on the seats. This part was actually really hard! Seester Lizzy helped me with Chair Stabilization during this step:)
  5. Filled in now unused finial holes (yeah, should have done this BEFORE painting but I’m kinda l-a-z-y).
  6. Touched up the paint.


TA DA!!!!! PERDY!!!!! Hopefully the paint won’t chip too easily. And now we can eat in the dining room again!!!!


Important Final Thought: Next time buy SUPER high quality paint. My medium quality paint meant I had to give the table and chairs 3 coats and that took a while!

PS- I’m not too keen on this rug. The color is different than it seemed when we ordered it. Sad:( It works for now though….