Well, it’s official: we’re the hillbilly-hick family in our neighborhood (though we don’t actually live in a neighborhood, there is a neighborhood in front of our front yard). REALLY we’re the crunchy/environmentally friendly/fixing up our house family. And here’s why:


Reason 1: I got tired of waiting for our yard renovations to get done and strung up a temporary clothesline between our unused flagpole and a tree. The diapers needing drying!!

Reason 2: Earlier that day I had filled up C’s pool. When Lizzy and I took him out to look at it a couple hours later, the water had already warmed up. So I just plopped my baby in it. Nakeed. Yep, we’re country folk here at the Estate. Ya’ll are welcome to come by and swim too!

Reason 3: See that lovely stump there? That’s from the willow tree that J/friend David/J’s dad cut down a few months ago. Our chainsaw isn’t powerful enough to cut it all the way but it’ll get removed soon!


Reasons 4, 5, and 6: So this is our front yard. As I said: WE LIVE IN A FIXER UPPER HOUSE. *caps purely for my benefit* Sometimes I forget it’s okay for things to look dumpy right now and am very happy that our neighbors all understand our mess (at least that’s what they say to my face). So for now we live with: mess, stump, filled in koi pond liner (I guess previous owner got tired of the koi pond and just filled it in??? With big rocks and soil!?!?!), and soil pile.


Reason 7: This is our side yard. It’s also in Fixer-Upper condition. But hey, at least the pond is gone!! Since we can’t seed the new side yard/old pond with summer’s dry weather (theoretical dry weather) and heat, it’s going to look this way until fall. And then we’ll hire someone to come grade it and someone else to come hose it with seeds and growth stuff. That’s called hydroseeding, did you know?


This is my baby playing in his pool. He was pretty stoked to be in water that he was actually allowed to stand in. Not that he could stand very well in an inflatable pool….


His thoughts (according to me):

  1. Eeek this pool is fun!!! And Mom and Lizzy think I’m cute!!! MUST SMILE A FUNNY SMILE!!!!
  2. Ooo grass!! PICK!!! IT!!!
  3. Ooo me!! PLAY!!! WITH!!!! IT!!!!
  4. Yum, grass!!!
  5. Why yes, this pool is quite fun!!!
  6. Oh so tired.

Then I took him out. Sadsad time. And that is the end:)