It was Father’s Day weekend and we were busy celebrating the fathers in the family so there wasn’t a lot of work happening. J/Josh/Lizzy/I did manage to: go to the farmers’ market (lettuce, 3 dz. eggs), the Sweet Shop (yum!), knock down random wasp nests on exterior of house (success!), check the attic for the dead/stinking animal (no luck), clear coat dining room table, and paint lots of dining room trim. Other than that we basically stuffed our faces and relaxed:)

Here’s the other things that happened recently!

My sister cam over with her brood of 4 lovley kids on Friday and C and Lilly had fun playing together:) Did I tell you C learned how to climb in this fireplace? Yes, he did learn this EXTREMELY important skill last week.

A snake was apparently sunning on our grape vines outside the stairway window. Bella (5.95 years old) was trying to pick the grapes through the open window when this scared critter came crawling in next to her! Needless to say there was plenty of freaking out (also known as screaming) but we (mostly Josh) managed to get the terrified snake free. The kids let us know his Freedom Flight progress as he slithered off the grape vines, over the brick wall, and through the yard. BTW, those fuzzies hanging from the snake’s mouth are from my broom. We tried to nudge it out with the broom but all that accomplished was giving Snake a mouthful of fuzz. Yum!

C learned to climb on the coffee table. We took of the glass top a couple months ago to make it safer and also made it lower in the process.

SO FUN!!!!

Josh shot this pic of C before we dashed out for a Saturday Father’s Day dinner:)