Just when I was feeling pretty darn awesome that C never rarely wakes up at night just to play what does he do EARLY Wednesday morning? WAKES UP TO PLAY OF COURSE. At 2:30 AM he decides sleep isn’t what he wants to do at the moment. What does he want to do? Why, look at the dog and squeal happily “D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D!!!!!!!!!!!” or see the keys light up on my laptop and attempt to peel them off.

It was kinda funny and he was awfully cute even if it was nearing 3:30 AM. On the positive side, he did go back to bed (with some cajoling) after 4:00 AM. But then Thursday night he woke EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR. ALL NIGHT LONG. Fun:) Well, Poor Boy did get a vaccine at the doctor’s office on Thursday. And he does have 2 top teeth trying to break through his gums as we speak. AS WE SPEAK. Poor baby!!

So that’s all. Basically. Big news? I found a way to pay for a new camera lens, fired Allstate as our car/house insurance, and my sister helped me organize my pictures files on my computer! SUCCESS!!!

Also: My kid now knows how to crawl IN the fireplace. And he says “mum mum mum” when he wants me or milk. He calls me MUM!!! I’ve always wanted a British child!

Alsoalso- So C got a vaccine yesterday. Every time he gets one it kinda makes me a little sad when the nurse says: “Okay, we’re ready, you can set him up on the exam table now.” YEAH RIGHT like I’m going to let my precious baby lie alone on a cold hard table while you jab a needle in his leg. YEAH RIGHT. NOOOOO WAY. I always cuddle or nurse him to make it better:) And he’s always so distracted making friends with the nurses that he hardly notices the prick. Good for him:)

Alsoalsoalso: My delightful friend Abby got us a book to read not read to C. It’s possibly the most entertaining and truthful book I’ve ever read in my life. Even Samuel L. Jackson thinks it’s SUUUUWEEEEET. Oh so hilarious. Come to my house and read it!!!!!