Well, we had a busy and productive weekend:) Want to see it in great detail???? In no particular order?? And please forgive the awful pictures quality. Until I dig up oh, about $400 for a new camera lens, my current lens can’t capture nearly wide enough an angle to get 1/4 of what my phone does. Sad:( Poor camera sits neglected now:( MUST BUY LENS SOON!!!

Here’s how our weekend went down: We worked Saturday morning and afternoon, went to art fair late afternoon and evening, worked Sunday morning and early afternoon, hardware store later Sunday afternoon, and then dinner at our house with J’s dad Sunday night. It was a nice weekend!

Cleaned the now less chaotic dining room, rearranged the mantel decor, cleaned out the fireplace, took down fireplace screen (C pulls it down on himself often, thought we’d get rid of it for now), and more….



C played with AWESOME (to him) empty egg cartons (we need to give them back to our egg person) and stuff that needs to be returned to people. This was all sitting out on the floor in hopes that we’d remember to return it to the rightful owners on Saturday. Nope. We still forgot. BTW, J later took away C’s beloved egg cartons due to salmonella germs.



Cleared this shelf of all dangerous non-baby stuff and replaced it with safe non-baby stuff. Yes, I organize my books by color.



Thought we needed to get our new roomie’s bathroom in decent shape at some point so we took off the cabinet hardware, started to install new hardware, didn’t like the look, bought newer hardware, and installed them. They do actually look good in real life, I promise.



Also FINALLY fixed the new shower faucet. The caulk will be dry tonight then we’ll clean the rust stained tub and tomorrow roomie can shower in his own bathroom!!!



This is how many pillowcases we have in the linen/hallway closet. 12 I think? BEYOND what we currently have covering our pillows. Geez. How did we accumulate so many??



Cleaned out and organized the foyer and upstairs hallway closets. They feel so fresh and clean now:) Now I can actually SEE my fabric (on the floor in the second picture) and perhaps sew again? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m so funny!!!



C was trapped in his Baby Confinement Device or carted from room to room while we worked. He got to chew on lots of new things!!



We loaded this pile of guest room debris in J’s parents van and dumped it their soon to be gone roofing-project dumpster. Lovely to not have this pile outside our dining room anymore!!!



Organized the dumping grounds C’s room, moved out a bookcase, moved in a different bookcase and filled it. Moved rest of the books downstairs to new dining room shelf. Cleaned and prettified our temporary guest room.



Isn’t it lovely now?? J uses this room for worknight sleeping when C howls too loud in the night (C sleeps in his crib in our room and with us for now). C will actually get his room back on his 1 year birthday (that’s my magic date to force myself to get OUT of bed to feed him at midnight, 3 AM, and 6 AM. Well, and it’s my magic date to get him to magically NOT be so freaking hungry at night.) So come August, the bed will be gone and the crib will reside here once again. Right now the room smells funky-ish. We think an animal got in and died in the wall/attic. On Wednesday my littlest seester is coming to stay with us for 2 weeks and LUCKY HER! She gets to sleep in here!!



Though we did a trillion things this weekend, our To Do List didn’t get a lot crossed off. Sad:(

That was our weekend!