This is how my baby prefers to spend his days: wildly pushing around his old man walker OR clinging to my fingers and forcefully steering me toward interesting/dangerous places. PS- look, we still have 2 missing drawers in our kitchen!! FUN!! And PRETTY!!

Ooooo, leftover strawberry from breakfast! The dog didn’t eat it?


Yum! Mom! You didn’t stop me!! Was it because I made you wake up so much last night?!?! THEN I SHALL REPEAT THAT EVERY NIGHT!!! AND CONTROL THE HOUSE AND FAMILY (more than I already do)!!!!!


A side thought: Right now I’m straddling 2 different tech worlds: Picassa and Bridge/Photoshop AND Blogger and WordPress. And I don’t have the time to really figure out the new tech worlds so I’m in a mixed up place until MAGIC TIME appears for further research and lernin’. Maybe this weekend? We can only hope.

Today, Tuesday, I: 

  1. Woke up very exhausted at 7:00. Made breakfast for me and Bebe. Got myself Outside World ready. Got Bebe ready. Forgot his shoes.
  2. 8:15 Left to take Sadie to the groomer 13 minutes away.
  3. 8:30 Went to the grocery for a quickish trip. With a barefoot baby.
  4. 9:06 Drove home. Dropped off and put away groceries. Left baby strapped in car for 3 minutes.
  5. 9:25 Left to grab a second breakfast and go to LLL meeting. Hung out and had fun talking:)
  6. 11:40 Went home.  Let C play with a plastic bag on the way home so he would stay awake. (If he takes even a 10 minute nap in the car, he won’t nap for HOURS).
  7. 12:00 Remembered I was supposed to pick up Sadie when no one barked as my key turned in the door lock. CRAP. Quickly tried to get C to fall asleep in hopes of leaving him sleeping soundly in his crib under Joshua’s (J’s BIL staying with us) supervision. No such luck.
  8. 12:15 Rushed off to get Sadie. Let C play with trash and the plastic bag again. Now we are getting in his NAP DANGER ZONE. If you keep my babe awake too long, he will actually skip his nap entirely. Double crap.
  9. 12:30 Got ze doggie and made my way home. And  you guessed it, C got that lovely plastic bag ONCE MORE. Despite my loud singing and reaching back to play with his hand/face, he dozed a bit.
  10. 12:45 Home!
  11. 1:00 And C won’t sleep.
  12. 1:01 But I’m SOOOOO tired and headachy!!! I want to curl in a ball and sleep for hours. But I play with my happy kid cause he’s mine and lovely.
  13. 3:30 C finally naps after a cheery and active afternoon.
  14. 3:35 I prepare dinner and pop the chicken and veggies in the oven.
  15. 4:10 I NAP!!!
  16. 4:40 C wakes and I cuddle him back to sleep.
  17. 5:00 And we wake up happy:)
Tomorrow I go to my sister’s to watch 3/4 of her kids all day. Thursday I watch 2/4 of them again at my mom’s house while helping my mom get ready for a garage sale. Stay the night there with C. Friday I help at the garage sale all day. Saturday we work at our house. SUNDAY I WILL REST. And do nothing but eat, play, surf the web, nap, and relax. 
Until then here are some more pictures!!! And now I will got to bed!!
Tuesday is always bread making day (but not really always because I skipped it today and bought a loaf at the grocery). Last week I made Red Wine and Cheese Bread. Didn’t rise as much as it should have…. But it was TASTY!! *Must* figure out what I’m doing wrong when it comes to rising. Ideas?
Bought Indiana strawberries and rhubarb last week and made Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. Yum:)
Over the weekend we painted a lot of chairs and trim. Yesterday I painted 2 hours more during C’s nap. Saturday I shall FINALLY finish painting the chairs. YAY!!! Trim will take 10,000 more days to finish.
The end.