I decided to document C as he ate his lunch/dinner on Saturday. We were all working around the house (painting, planting berries, hoeing, and such) and it was my turn to watch The Wee Lad so I snapped some photos whilst he dined. BTW- C generally yells bloody murder if you spoon feed him so we just dump whatever on his highchair and let him go at it. Then we rinse him in the sink after mealtime:) Also- a bittersweet sidenote: at breakfast, C was whining and I held out my arms to pick him up but he crawled past me and climbed up his highchair. I’m NOTHING TO HIM NOW. The highchair is his new favorite feeder:(

Here’s C’s ultra balanced meal: oranges, strawberries, pasta, cheese, and corn. 1. I’m impressed with my awesome Food Giving Skillz. 2. These pics were all taken about 2 minutes apart. 3. KEEP READING.
And he’s off!! Pretty sure he started with the pasta, his fav.

Looks like the corn has been scooted around. Oranges are going fast?

Pasta is now the big hit!! Cheese too! Strawberries not so much….

Cheese is gone but corn has beens scooted in its spot? Pasta is also gone. My boy really likes his carbs and dairy. JUST LIKE ME.

Oranges are OUTTA HERE. And how did the corn GET there?? Strawberries are dwindling a tiny bit….

He’s getting distracted now. Strawberries are being outnumbered by corn.

Food has all been eaten or shoved on lap.

Time to get a drink! And eat the scraps on his seat.

This was FUN!! Wasn’t it?

PS- have you seen the new Food Guide Pyramid, ChooseMyPlate.gov?