>Today was Day 5 of our vacation and it’s all been so fun:) This morning though our alarm clock decided to unexpectedly blare the radio at 5:00 AM. This confused C and he thought it meant he needed to wake up and stay awake. FUN!!! J and I went back to bed 1.5 hours later but. still. Early morning.

We all woke up later, packed and cleaned, ate, packed and cleaned, drove to Wilmington, explored a bit, drove to Chapel Hill, explored a bit, drove home, unloaded, played, babies to sleep, relax:)

Me, J, and not-sooooo-tiny-anymore C.

Christine, Micah, and Charlotte. It’s harder to take a picture with an almost 2 year old than it is a 9 month old. She wanted to run and watch boats, airplanes, and pretty much everything in sight.

What we saw in Wilmington. It’s harder to take pictures of scenery with a 9 month old than with NO baby.

Us in Wilmington.

All the babies loaded in strollers as we make our way to the car for naps and a few hours of driving.

BTW- Happy 9 months to my baby boy:)

If you want to see cuteness: watch my happy niece Charlotte the first night we arrived at her house. She is so sweet!