>We made it to North Carolina on Wednesday! C played, nursed, and slept on the short flight here. Thursday we went to a Durham Museum of Life and Science and a barbecue restaurant for dinner. Today we took a long morning walk to a farm and later drove to the beach. No pictures from today yet but here are some from yesterday’s adventure!

C got very quiet and stared at everything at the museum.

My sister-in-law Christine carrying her nearly 2 year old Charlotte and me carrying C.

Charlotte’s reaction to the butterflies in the greenhouse area. She was so delighted by everything!!

C’s reaction. As mentioned before, he just got very serious and stared. He tends to do this when he’s amazed by life:)

We (Micah, Jeremy, and I) played with my camera.

C cheesing for his daddy while looking at the animals. Yep, this museum even had farm animals:)

Admiring the pigs.

What Charlotte did on the way home from the museum.

What C did on the way home. Yeah, different babies, different sleep habits:)

Tomorrow the BEACH!!! Btw, watching both babies see the ocean and sand tonight was very fun. Will try to post video of it tomorrow:)