>I searched high and low for pictures of our guest room before we tore out the built in shelving. I guess it was so awful to look at that we never actually photographed it?!?!? Kinda sad because now you won’t appreciate the true hideousness of it:(

Let’s just say one big corner was covered in very bizarre, oddly shaped, oddly painted shelving, complete with tiny drawers that would have held maybe 6 pairs of socks each. Yep. So: I GIVE YOU: THE GUEST ROOM.


My dad ripped down the shelving for us. Very nice of him:) Such ugliness was left on the walls!


Pile of debris.

Pile was moved outside.

Pile of debris was reused as raised beds (built by J and our nephew Chris) (Chris earned $18 that weekend helping us).

Raised beds that now have soil and seeds in them:)


In April we found out J’s brother, who was moving back home in search of a new job, was moving back sooner than we thought. And he was going to stay with us until he procured a job and an apartment. Thus began 2 weeks of WORK VERY HARD ALL THE TIME during which we worked evenings AND weekends. Got the room tip top, put 2 (3?) coats of drywall mud (thanks to my dad!) on the walls to patch up the shelving area. Sanded. Primed the walls. Painted. Painted another coat. Hired some guys to install carpet. Moved in furniture that my grandmother gave us when her condo sold. Moved up other furniture. Set up furniture. Hung curtains given by a friend. Put on lovely bedspread swiped from sister’s garage sale.

TAH DAH!!!!!

Sadie is so proud of her contribution to the room: barking.

Bed. Duh:) Ps- that lamp does NOT work….

Dormer…. A long place to pace???

Closet #1.


Ah sigh:)

The day we celebrated the room being done:)

I really like our guest room now. Maybe better than my own bedroom??? Oh well:)

PS- I just found out from a neighbor that the people who built our house still live in our town! The other day I was driving through our town on a road I hadn’t ever gone on and I saw another English Tudor. I wondered about it (as I do with all English Tudors now!) but didn’t pay it much attention. IN FACT IT WAS BUILT BY THE SAME PEOPLE THAT BUILT OUR HOUSE!!!!! And they still live there!! Hmmmm…. Wonder why they abandoned my house? Was it the wasps? The millipedes? Spiders? Tiny ants? The multitude of work that comes with a 2.76 acre Estate such as ours?