>First: I am happy to report that THIS:
Is finally happening to our pond. Our excavator filling it in in February but since he’s fitting us in between jobs, we got pushed aside until now. Or maybe he returned to us because I started calling/texting him and bugging him too much;) Hopefully it will be finished on Monday? Seems too good so I’ll tell myself that by Wednesday it will be done. Because then we must away to North Carolina (isn’t that how they said it in all the Jane Austin books? I must away?) for a vacation.

And then THIS:
mound of rocks/concrete/stuff/unuseable water feature in my front yard will also be gone. Yay!! Stay tuned for what we are going to do with our giant rocks. Cause I haven’t 100% decided yet either! Ideas?

Also: I think having a few vases of dead flowers around gives any house a decidedly “Miss Havisham” look. Don’t you? And isn’t that what we ALL want for our homes???

So, while I work on my disorganized photos (that’s what the current naptime has been reserved for), here’s some cloth diaper pictures and info from The Jarvis Estate.


C uses Bum Genius 3.0 during the day. We have 12 of these diapers and all except 2 or 3 were bought used. We used to use GMD prefolds and Thirsties covers during the day too but those are too cumbersome to take on and off when C uses the toilet. Alas. This means they’ve been bagged up for the next baby or loaned out to friends.

This is our current nighttime diaper: Thirsties cover, Mother Ease one size, and a small GMD prefold. C NEVER leaks out of these!! His behind is kinda big in them though…. We used to add an extra liner to the combo but nowadays he seems to be peeing less at night so we don’t really need it anymore.

So, those diapers go on this boy’s butt. He mostly wears just a diaper and a shirt or onesie when we’re at home. This way I can squeeze, kiss, and tickle his chunky legs all the time!!! And plop him on his toilet quicker:)

Diapers go from butt to diaper pail in tiny laundry room. Then every 2 days I wash them: one cold wash with tiny bit of Charlie’s Soap and 1/4 cup Bac-Out, one hot wash with tiny bit of Charlie’s Soap, and an extra rinse. PS- if C poops in his diaper (maybe 1 out of 7 days) we spray it with the diaper sprayer in the downstairs bathroom THEN stick it in the pail. Ah sweet breastmilk-only baby poop, how I miss you. Eating-solid-foods baby poop, GROSS, I’m glad you go in the toilet!!!

The diaper covers go on my drying rack (AKA dining room chairs) to dry (no clothesline at the new house yet, too busy!!) and the liners and cloth wipes go in the dryer.

Finally all diapers, covers, liners, and wipes go in the laundry basket to sit in the living room for a couple of days. And if we’re lucky, they get put in the diaper bin in the playroom. But did I take a picture of that final step? NOOOO. Because I wanted to leave you hanging in suspense. There’s no way I’ll get anyone to read a word I write unless I keep dangling that DIAPER BIN IN THE PLAYROOM photo in front of them.

Maybe later?