>Well, since I have WAY more pictures of my kid than I do the upstairs rooms of my house, this will have to do for today. If you hate babies, look away!!! If you love my house, come back another day!! Otherwise stay and check out my cute kid.

I was going through photos last night and sort of lost track of time looking at C’s newborn pics (taken by Leah Profancik Photography). I think babies are like a black hole to their parents: all sense of time is lost playing with them and looking at them. Isn’t that what happens in a black hole? I know normal time at least slows there…. My brilliant seester Jo would know since she is IU’s Physics Club PRESIDENTE!!!

So tiny!! He was 3 weeks old here only about 9 pounds:)

And now he is nearly 8 months older and 21 pounds!! This is C trying hard to get to me and the big black camera.

C loves to eat food. ANY food. ALL the time. And he’s NEVER gotten full. We have to stop him from eating as much as we do because surely he doesn’t REALLY want that much, right? We’ll work on getting him to notice that “I’m full!” cue his stomach sends him. Right now I think he ignores it… PS- This picture is one my mother in law took over Easter weekend.

C also loves chewing on non-food items such as: the coffee table (minus the glass top! gone for a few months!), small pieces of trash, sticks, bark, toys, dandelions, faces, adult fingers, grass, chair arms, diaper covers, dirt, plates, knees, laundry baskets, any baskets, and muchmuchmuch more.

C has a variety of faces: happy, tip-head-to-the-side when he’s happy/shy, surprised, scrunchy pig face, and drool-leaking-from-a-vacant-stare face are my favorites.

C has turned in to a very content and happy baby since he started crawling and standing about 3 weeks ago. He’ll spend 10-30 minutes just exploring a room while talking to himself. Of course this exploration involves me dashing to him and telling him curtains are not for climbing, adult books are not for sucking, plugs are not for fingers, fireplace shovels are not for mouths, Sadie’s toys are not for ingestion, etc…. We’re going with the “Keep small things put away but leave the house basically the same” approach to babyproofing. Although we do need more plug covers for that HIDDEN outlet C discovered behind the curtains…

C will tear apart the orderly playroom in 20 minutes. I’m patiently awaiting the “putting things in containers” phase that I hear often accompanies the “pulling things out of containers” phase. Also, he likes sitting on his knees like this!

Whenever we go to get togethers or meetings, C enjoys watching the group speaker. He’ll play with all the other babies or kids but occasionally stop to study whoever is talking at the moment. Tipping his head and smiling follows, then a little confusion as to why Speaker didn’t drop everything and coo at his adorable-ness. Poor eldest child.

Sleeping is getting better thanks to asked for advice from my Attachment Parenting and La Leche League groups:) C goes to bed in his crib around 8:00 PM, wakes every 30 minutes for about an hour (patting, walking, or more nursing get him back to sleep), then is conked out until midnight-ish. He’ll wake then, nurse, get a diaper change (mainly to wake him up again!), nurse more, then sleep in our bed until 5:00ish. That’s when he would love to wake up but it’s still too early for him (AND ME) so I nurse-sleep for another (hopefully!) hour or two. Then he is a HAPPYMOMMYILOVETHEWORLD boy.

EC is also going well! During that crawling/standing beginning 3 weeks ago, he wanted NOTHING to do with the toilet, so we backed off. Sitting still for even 1 minute was way too much for his superdeveloping body and mind. Now he’s back to letting me hold him over the toilet to poop and pee in the morning. Yay for not scraping/spraying off poopy cloth diapers! Noticing when he pees during wake time is more hit and miss bu catching after nap pees are easy.

So that’s C’s life lately. He’s such a sweetie!!!