>Someone said to me a few days ago that in every marriage there is a leader and a follower; one who is weak and the other who is strong. I had to disagree with this assumption. The way I see it, those roles do exist but in a healthy relationship they are not always attributed to the same person.

I kinda see marriage (or really any relationship) like a carousel horse. So which horse did you RUUUUUUN!!! to go get when it was merry-go-round time? The JUMPER HORSES:):) Yeah, whenever I go to the carousel at our local children’s museum, my heart still beats fast as I shove aside the tiny children to grab a jumping horse. And OH the delight of waving at the onlookers as your horse gallops up and down, around and around.

Dude, I know I need to grow up, I know. That’s why I had a kid!!!

But back to marriage: it’s like those horses!!! YES!!! When I am a crying wreck of a human, J is strong and gentle and caring. He lifts me back up to where I need and want to be. And in those times (which I’m pretty sure are fewer) that life becomes more than he can handle, I kindly and lovingly (I hope) do what I can to encourage and strengthen him. Then there are the rare times when we are both down in the dumps and overwhelmed and we must together wallow in the quicksands of MISERY. But then we grab the vine of hope and wrench oursleves free from the clutches of those grains of despair.

Did you like that? SO WISE!!!!

PS- My mother in law took this picture of us racing to find our eggs during the Annual Grown Ups Easter Egg Hunt. I would have plowed down my husband to grab an egg from his hand if other family members hadn’t been there watching.

Just a brilliant post to say I appreciate my spouse and am grateful for him. He is quite possibly THE most generous and forgiving person I know and I aspire to be more like him. Without the chest hair and DEEP voice. He and I do use the same: hair gel, deodorant, toothpaste, and even MAKEUP!!! (not) TOOTHBURSH!!! (not) so we’re already on the road to becoming the same person. Give us another 10 years and you won’t be able to tell us apart:)

Proceed with your day.