>My sweet and happy SIL posted a “There are times…” status on Facebook today that made me think. This has been a kinda awful week for me in a few ways that I won’t ramble on about. Oh wait, I probably will. This week makes me want to wallow and I probably will after I get done writing this supposedly upbeat post.

  • There are times when I feel like a truly sucky mother because my 8 month old STILL doesn’t sleep through the night. Sometimes I get so frustrated repeatedly helping him fall asleep that I want to let him scream himself to sleep and I hate that feeling. Makes me cry and rush to him after only a couple of minutes. Which leads to:
  • There are times when I want to smack anyone who gives me any kind of parenting advice when I don’t ask for it. I should also stick to this and sometime smack myself. Also:
  • There are times when I want to stop listening to and reading what other people have done successfully with their kid and go live in a cave so no one will contribute my already “is this how I raise my kid right?” feelings.
  • There are times when I feel like a lazy ass when I find a damp load of clothes in the dryer smelling nice and musty. Wonderful. Now I only have 12,000 loads of laundry to do today.
  • There are times when I read the news and National Geographic and I lose faith in humanity. We are so divided and unthinkingly destructive.
  • There are times when I want to be emotionally immature and hold a grudge or get angry for what someone has “done to me”. I have to fight this to be accepting of others and look at the big picture and remember I LOVE/LIKE THESE PEOPLE. And no, I’m not talking about you, don’t worry:)
  • There are times when I want to spend time with my hubby, just me and him. And then I tell myself shut up, think how lucky you are to actually HAVE him.
  • There are times when I wish I wouldn’t tell myself how good I have it. Even lucky people deserve to wallow sometimes, right?
  • There are times when I wish people and relationships didn’t change with distance, age, and time.
  • And there are times when I wish people would just grow up and grow a pair. This applies to me as well:)
  • There are times when I hopehopehope I will be a good mama. When I plead/beg whoever/whatever to please let me do this parenting thing right. I want my kid to know I love him unconditionally, no matter anything. Which is what I whisper to him as he screams and goes through this “Sleep is for the WEAK!!!” phase.
  • There are times when I wish everyone would think EXACTLY as I do. And then we’d all be so dull that we’d collectively explode and actually implode, simultaneously.
  • And last, the one that bothers me a little: There are times when I gleefully murder the ants that crawl on my counters. What is wrong with me???

PS- Please return to your normally scheduled life.