>Well, it has been a busy 2 weeks and we’ve accomplished a lot. Hopefully life will get back to it’s normal routine starting today! Here’s a very brief summary of what we’ve been up to lately, depending on what I remembered to take pictures of:)

Went to IU to listen to preety musak:)

Made raised beds, began filling them according to lasagna gardening theory, and planned our garden layout according to companion planting and books we read. Not the Wonder Weeks though, that’s a baby book:)

Worked on the house more. Finished the guest room for Josh who moved in Saturday morning. The guest room is so pretty, I want to live in it now!!!

Fed our kid food mostly to amuse ourselves. Watched him eating in the most talented no-hand method possible. Listened to him practice yelling and screaming. Pried Easter eggs from him.

Made a family event of cleaning out my mom’s attic. I sorted through all my many boxes of things collected as a kid, including my treasured American Girl dolls that I bought with my own money. Smiled at all the doll clothes I made. Sweet nostalgia:)

Some of the coolest things I found included a generous letter from my friend Kendra, a confusing envelope from Abby, locks of my hair and Summer’s (yes, we exchanged locks of hair!!), and a cross-stitched present I never finished. Happy early birthday Summer!!!

Blew out candles on Saturday AND Sunday:) All the kids wanted to help. Pretty sure C wanted to eat the fire…. Today I am 30!!!!!

My kiddo got to eat someone elses shoulder for a change. He liked my aunt Carla.

Try to read this. My 5 year old niece Bella wrote it after finding a bone in our woods that she said was an ear muscle bone. I’ll tell you at the end what it says:)

PS- I now have a pile of bones on my back deck. Also, want to come hunt for morel mushrooms soon?

She wrote- “This is my ear muscle” in 5 yo speak:)