A couple different blogs this week have reminded me I don’t need to be Superwoman to be a successful SAHM. You might be spitting out your coffee and sputtering in shock right now: What???? You AREN’T Superwoman????? Seriously???? NO WAY!!!!!

Yeah, I realize most of you have me on a preeeeetty high pedestal. Sadly, I’m about to knock myself off. Whatever that sentence means when you read it out of context.

  1. a sweet baby who loves my attention,
  2. a fixer upper house that wants me also,
  3. the daily tasks necessary to keep our abode orderly,
  4. yummy foods I must make,
  5. sleep I very much need,
  6. a hubby I long to see more than a few hours in the evening,
  7. that stack of books I pass every once in a while and caress tenderly,
  8. plus lots of Community and 30 Rock to be watched,

I feel stretched very thin sometimes. Sadly, Me Time is often the last thing on my list. But seriously, what parent does get enough Me Time? Anyone raising her or his hand out there?

No one?
COULD IT BE OUR JOBS AND KIDS ARE SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF US?????? And oh you amazing working out of the home moms and dads, you are heroic.
Poor us. Poor women. Poor men. Poor humans. Let’s have a pity party at my house this weekend!!!! I just need to clean, plan, and prep for it.

So here’s a list of everything I DON’T do often. And I’m trying really hard to be okay with this list.
  • Sew curtains, mend and alter clothes
  • Go for walks or any form of exercise out of my house
  • Mop
  • Call and chat with my faraway friends and family
  • Write in my or C’s baby journal
  • Play with my puppy dog
  • Dust
  • Organize all those bags in the guest room and C’s closets
  • Read magazines
  • Fold and put away my laundry in a timely manner
  • Do the dishes each night so the bugs won’t get to them
  • Finish all the projects I start during nap time
  • Read all those tabs I have open on my Internet browser
  • Remember to eat meals and snacks when C is awake, even if he does wants to grab all my food
  • Coupon clipping and ad browsing before grocery shopping
  • Work on my house to make it gorgeous
And a trillion other things. I wish I could do it all. I want to do it all. But I can’t and I NEED to be okay with that. Over achievers like me struggle with not being able to do everything:)

We took C to a conservatory and he delicately, quietly touched the plants. So sweet:) Much different from the generally intense little guy he is at home.