Just finished my second breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, bread with butter and raw honey, apple cider, yum! We race through about 2 dozen eggs each week due to our/my breakfast consumption. Yikes!! Cheapest form of protein out there though!!

2 Pop Up Thoughts-
  1. As a kid I was always told: eat your crust, it’s the most nutritious part of the bread. That’s not true, is it? I THINK NOT!! Sneaky way to get me to eat the crust!!
  2. However, the white part of the orange is super good for you, I understand that now and tell J to eat it when he picks it off.
  3. I am bossy.
Pop Up Parenting Thought #1 (Yes! Like a camper thing or a Pop Tart!!)
As my kid grows, I want to nurture his emotional self. I want him to know it’s acceptable and normal to cry, to be angry and sad, and to learn how to voice those feelings. I feel marriage catapulted me into emotional maturity that I did not possess previously. I’d rather C learn these skills a bit earlier!
However, the media scorns men expressing feelings, portraying them as weak if they cry. And I’ll admit, sometimes, deep down, I feel that way too. But when it comes to my son, this little person who I would readily give my life for, I want him to have EVERYTHING. I want him to have the full breadth and depth of life, to not be denied anything every. Sigh. I’ll either shelter him, spoil him, ruin him, or scar him. But my hubby is awesome and will keep our baby normal:) YAY FOR MY LIFE PARTNER!!!!
Pop Up Parenting Thought #2
The other day I posted a list of wonderful things about breastfeeding my baby boy.
Here’s the flip side.
Do you want to know the worst part of breastfeeding? The fact that only I can do it. C needs me to eat, to fall asleep, and to be comforted back to sleep at night and this interrupts my entire day. Not in a major or negative way but sometimes, honestly, yes. It is hard and frustrating to work and sometimes not get much done simply because my boy needs me every 2-3 hours to fall sleep and every 2-3 hours for a meal. Not to mention every 2-3 hours all night. My “me” life, work, and errands get accomplished in spurts that happen between my son’s life. Plus he’s at the age that when he’s awake, he is my focus. He DEMANDS this! It’s frustrating to watch my hubby (who said he’d care for C all day last Sunday) get more done than me simply because I am the parent with the LIFE FORCE flowing through my mammary glands.
Oh Mammaries,
You supply my Babe with life,
Fresh, perfect, always flowing.
Did you ever think about me?
My body has not been my own
for 15 months.
It will not be mine again for
Each Babe will take more and more.
But then I will reclaim it!!
But my Babes will always be my mind
For Ever.
And that is fine.
I love Him and future Them
more than me:)
And in the end the love you take, is equal to the love you make- The Beatles. I would NEVEREVEREVER stop breastfeeding C so I could get stuff done around the house. HAHAH!!!! Health reasons, yes, but I have none of those. I am in awe of women who breastfeed while working jobs out of the home, while ill, or who have discomfort when nursing. My minor issues are minor:) Very minor. So I will hush:)
But did you like my poem? Isn’t it ARTSY??!?!!?
This weekend I am hanging out with my lovely extended family and working on my pretty but needy house. And I’ll leave you with some totally scorealicious pictures:)

C loves his feet! If he could, I think he’d pour ketchup on them and go to town….

C also loves every part of his dog Sadie, even her behind. If he found her poop in the yard, I’m quite sure he’d eat it without ketchup!!!