Today is March 31, the last day of the month!! In my world that means getting the budget saved, cleared, and ready for next today’s paycheck:) Tomorrow I pay bills!! BTW, does anyone not do direct deposit anymore?

Sadly, awfully, this month we went over our budget in many of the 9 categories…. BAD US!!! With the higher gas prices, we might need to raise our gasoline amount, even though we already raised it by $50 anticipating J’s longer commute post-new house. Actually, the reason we went over this month is my road trip to St. Louis to visit the darling AbbyandNate:) BTW, I think no more Mommy + C road trips for a while!! It wasn’t terribly hard but definitely more of a challenge than it was 7 months ago:) J MUST go next time I drive 5 hours anywhere!!
And the grocery budget- I don’t even want to think about that. Seems like most months we go over in that area. Grrrr….. Dang eco-local-humane conscious us. Hard to stay in budget when you shop for what we consider responsible food…. We go out to eat once a week and the rest of the time I cook our meals… I reeeally don’t want to raise this area of our budget since it’s already so high but we might have to. I already make our bread, all meals, breakfasts, etc. from scratch. Ideas????
  • Listening to children’s music, finding something cool enough for both me and the kid to listen to. Generally we just listen to my music but C perks up and gets excited when he hears a child’s voice in music or on toys. Poor boy, hanging around adults alllllll day must get pretty dull. Personally, I puke up kid music sang by kids so that makes my task here a bit more demanding…. I’m looking in to Ziggy Marley, Lisa Loeb, They Might Be Giants, Charlotte DIamond and more based on recommendations. All we have now is Elizabeth Mitchell, who(m?) I love:) Anyone have other kid music with a spattering of kid voices?
  • Wishing I had my own laptop. Soon:) Maybe a 1-2 more weeks? THEN IT’S OFF TO THE APPLE STORE!!!!! And then I’ll spend all my time on my computer and C will have to learnt to raise himself. Being an excessively brilliant child, this won’t be a problem for us.
  • Getting off here to conquer my long list of jobs. Seriously, this whole Stay At Home Mom thing seemed a lot easier when I wasn’t one. That goes for being Mom too. Working 24 hours a day (even every grueling 2-3 hours at night!!!), every weekend, even while on vacation?!?!?!?! All for only hugs, kisses, screaming, drool, poop/pee, spit up, grins, giggles, constant carrying of 20 pounds, and cuddles? Totally worth it:) Best boss EVER and I’m learning more now than I did in any other career. Plus my colleague is hot and oh so understanding and wonderful!!
  • REMINDS ME!!!! C POOPED AND PEED IN HIS POTTY THIS MORNING. Made that diaper change so much easier:)