Yesterday we ignored the:
  1. painting
  2. tree chopping
  3. electrical work
  4. plumbing

to just go crazy on the garage. Because that’s the kind of people we are: ignorant:) And with our house, there are PLENTY of projects to ignore!!!

Here are pretty Along the Way pictures for you to oooooo and ahhhhhh over!!!

This was nearly everything we emptied from our 2 car garage. And hey, there’s really more that because the camera wasn’t wide enough to capture everything!!! Bonus points for anyone who can spot the baby hidden in the mess!! He’s in his exersaucer, hidden behind the red crate. PS- exersaucer is the brand name I think. What do you call it if you don’t have that brand? Standing baby containing round apparatus with toys?

Also, the weather might look sunny and lovely but it was actually pretty nippy at only 40 degrees. C didn’t like being outside in chilly temps so we traded Baby Duty on and off all day.

This is our drive way after!!!! We worked from about 10 until 6ish. Look at the big recycle/trash pile!!
Left side of the garage before and after. So glad our garage has so many shelves for storage, made organization easier!
Right side before and after. Pretty much everything on the right (minus compost bin, freezer, bikes, and wheelbarrows) is destined for Habitat for Humanity or Craigslist. If anyone reading this wants: oldish trash compacter, medium sized cheap bookshelf, a sink, various cheap waist level shelves, a World Market daybed minus the mattress, ect, please let me know. Free to you!!!
Everything else went here: recycle/trash, in the mudroom for the dining room (when the walls are done) and guest room (when the carpet/walls are done), in the dining room for me to organize and away.
~Sigh~ I love a clean garage:)
BTW- Our house warming party will be in May, when the dining room/kitchen trim is done, the dining room walls are repaired and painted, and the guest room is carpeted and its wall are repaired and painted. Thanks for the advice!!! I will mark a date on my calendar in PEN!!!!