>Okay blog readers, I have a question for you. Pretend you have a house and it’s a fixer upper/lifelong project you mostly enjoy. You want to have a big housewarming-esque party soon (since you’ve lived in this house for almost 3 months). But you are a perfectionist who doesn’t stop working until *everything* is done *just right*. SOO when do you have this party? WHEN?????

In January, I said we would party in March and now March is almost over. Lately I’ve said the party will be in April, as soon as I’m done painting the trim in the kitchen and dining room. Or maybe the beginning of May so we can get the yard looking nicer. But then it occurred to me we might want to have the screened in porch painted so people can hang out in there, not just inside. That led to the thought: well, may as well wait until June when it is warm so we can entertain on the balcony too, since there will be so many people here (yeah, I’m that popular) (eye rolling commences). However, the balcony needs painted and sealed so that would have to come first, BEFORE the party. Nono, that’s too much. But we really should do the balcony before we party in April. No, we won’t have time for that. Well, wait, how about as soon as the pond is filled in? Sometime in April? But then we still have to re-carpet the guest room. Oh, and pant it and the pink hallway bathroom. Oh, and I really should make some decent curtains for our bathroom. Well, what about the deck? I need more patio furniture for people to sit on. Oh, I need to get the dining room finished soon, the house is a wreck right now. And I need to try much harder to paint tomorrow, gotta get the trim done. Maybe I’ll wait until I’ve painted the trim in the living roomt too?
So basically, our first GIANT party is going to happen in about 5 years.
Tell me this: WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE????? Please tell me to not freak out about getting everything done. Yeah right, do you KNOW me??? But then what do I set as my “Get This Stuff Done Then Party” limit? Because our to do list is 5 pages long. Typed. Sad.