Sometimes when I think back to November, December, and January, I wonder how we survived. We had a 3-5 month old baby, packed up the second house we’d lived in in 3 months, moved to a third, bought a house that came with SO much work, worked on it 6 days a week, packed again, and moved. I would explain in great detail how incredibly stressful and busy it was but that would take too long.
Oh. My.
I’m so glad we have a home again:) I love our needy home:)
And maybe tomorrow or early next week I’ll show you our dining room and kitchen without those funky bookshelves that I hated. I think we can all agree that space for storing book is to be cherished but COME ON. These things were pretty hideous. And pretty soon I’ll show you how they are all gone:) Today begins Wall Repair Day and with focus, they’ll be done on Monday!
I’m going to get my hair cut in 2 hours! With my baby! Wish me luck!!
Here are some pictures of our lives in the past month or so!

This pile of junk was our basement. J and Friends ripped it out. J and Friends moved it to the driveway. J and Sarah moved it to a dumpster. Sarah forgot to take pictures of the last step but it was TIRING!!!

The hood over our stove. It was black so I thought: black metal, huh! Then I scrubbed and found it was not black, it was stainless steel. FUN!!! Notice how the left side is partially washed but the right side is black:) Took over an hour. C has preeetty much nursed all my fat and muscles away but I managed to scare the grime into submission!!

The AFTER shot!!! Mostly clean! Decided to give up.

J sweeps the kitchen/dining room roof of leaves. We get to clean the gutters in the spring!!

The Love Shack standing in the weekend’s flood. The water actually got higher than this and reached behind the Shack!!

Great picture of Sadie, our ferocious beast, and C, our less ferocious and more fussy beast.

Now C is beating Sadie in the ferocious department as he attempts to gnaw on her flesh.

C would rather be held than watch Mama cook. Almost bedtime!!! Funny thing is, as soon as J comes home he perks right up. Guess I’m that dull to be around:)

Someone at the farmers’ market on Saturday was selling basil! Pesto for dinner! C and I happily ate our pasta and then a mango before J came home. Baby was stuffed completely in time for bed and his 1 hour later waking. The kid doesn’t wake from hunger, that’s for sure!