For those of you tired of baby pics: LOOK AWAY!!
For family members (ie Grandmothers) who haven’t seen Baby C in a while: LOOK HERE!!

Cause C is looking at you!!

C learned how to sit last week. In this picture he actually IS sitting, I promise. He’s serious about doing the Butterfly pose to reach his toys. How he can lean that far over his outstretched legs is beyond me….
And he SITS!!! I got a mirror for C’s playroom since he thinks he’s the most amazing thing in the world to look at. And so he stares, laughs, and talks to himself randomly all day:) Right now he’s thinking: “Mirror C, crazy lady is taking pictures again. SIGH. OF. BOREDOM. But look how hot we are!!”

And, on Tuesday, C turned 6 MONTHS OLD!! Yay!!! It’s been a wonderful 6 months! Here are his stats: 17 lbs, 12 oz- 68%tile, 27 in. long- 82%tile, head is 17.5 in.- 78%tile.
I have an app that tells me baby stuff and apparently C has gained 125% since birth and stretched 25% longer:)
The other day we went for a walk to decide which trees to chop down. In pjs and blankets:)
C devours everything he can get his hands on. This is his current favorite way to read books.
He stares open mouthed a lot:) And wears bibs 24/7 to catch all the drool:)
In other news: he loves solid food! Last night C ate our dinner of carrots, potatoes, and chicken. He likes scrambled eggs, pancakes, yogurt, soup, bread, apples, and, well, everything. He eats what we eat and we haven’t bought or made baby food yet. Nice and easy! We just give him little chunks or smooshed/soft bits of our meal and he’s a happy boy!