>Now that selling the house, birthing the baby, packing the house, moving, buying the house, moving, cleaning the house, moving, and fixing the house are done, I’ve moved on to the next frantic spattering of thoughts. And it is…..



How thrilling!

We’re also doing a CSA again this year, this time with with Burke Farm, which is farmed by someone J works with (and apparently they don’t have a website that I can link to!). Also, I want to plant basic crops, such as herbs, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and more in our new yard. That “and more” part got pretty big as I was seed shopping though. Oops.

I bought my seeds from Baker Creek which happily has no ties whatsoever with Evil Monsanto (who I refuse to really link to). Also, I bought raspberry, strawberry, and rhubarb plants from Nourse Farms. And now I want to buy some dwarf fruit trees from Fedco or somewhere. This list if wants rambling in my head gives me a sneaking suspicion I’m going to quickly outgrow my garden budget. Dang new house, it’s always exploding it’s budget….

Anyway, our soon to be former pond area will also need some ground cover planted and I’d rather not go with grass. I’d like something low maintenance, not too tall growing, and EASY! Maybe moss, clover, thyme, ivy, or basically anything but grass! We only have a push mower and since our backyard is all wooded, there’s only the (large) frontyard to mow. No one in this house wants to mow more than is needed since we’re all incredibly busy with fixing up the house. C especially. I tell you, that boy does nothing but WORKWORKWORK on painting, cleaning, and repairing!


I love my boy more than anything in the whole world but yesterday it occurred to me I could get SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much done if he was somewhere else for about 3 days. Babysitting volunteers???

Back to it: all my veggies seedling are going to grow up to be “flowerbed” plants. They’ll be the house’s exterior decor; functional and pretty! I won’t have to buy perennials or shrubs and we can grab some tomatoes as we walk in the front door! Handy!

Last thought (not promising that though): I wonder if I should live here one growing season before planting anything? I haven’t seen any deer but there are plenty of squirrels and we think a raccoon lives in our Love Shack by the creek. I wonder if I’m just going to grow a giant smorgasbord for them to feast on…. And, my front yard looks relatively shade free, but is it really??

I always jump in with my eyes closed and then find out the hard truths in life. This year will be no different!