Yesterday my baby C turned 3 months old, weighing in at 16 pounds and drooling like a faucet (cause we all know faucets drool).  It’s pretty hard to believe I’ve been a mom for only 3 months. It’s been the best 3 months of my life, I have to admit:) Having a baby has helped a few things bloom in my life:

  • I love and appreciate my hubby so much more.
  • I feel very fulfilled as a woman and happy in my new career as Mom.
  • My marriage is better than ever.
  • I give and receive more love than I knew was possible!

ANYWHO, this is supposed to be about C’s sleep habits (as much as I can figure them out!). Two weeks ago, I set out to get Charming Bambino to nap regularly AND to sleep NOT in my arms. The second goal was the most important since we’re buying a new (to us) house and it will need much of my time soon! Plus, C had gotten quite attached to sleeping on me after our move the end of September, when his little life melted in to chaos. Actually, considering he’ll have lived in 3 houses by the time he is 5 months, he’s done pretty well! 

So Sleep Training Week 1 was a fun week of this: Swaddle C, nurse him to sleep, lay him gingerly in swing, withdraw arms ever so carefully, watch him wake and fuss (inside I would scream NOOOOOOOOOO), pick up, rinse and repeat. One day I repeated that sequence for 2.5 HOURS. Yep, I sure did. I don’t know if that was stupid or smart. Probably it wasn’t all that smart.

SLW1 then became this: Understand when C is tired (learned how to do this after talking to brilliant sister Leah about reading baby cues better), QUICKLY swaddle him, nurse to sleep, lay him in swing, turn it on high, dance happily away, and let Darling Little Man sleep for 2-4 hours. 

Now C naps 3 times a day, about 3 hours each nap. 


Evening naps are generally harder and involve more cuddling but I gotta let him sleep in my arms at least once a day. How can I not?!?!?! And at night we co-sleep, during which C sleeps about 12 hours straight, eating 3-4 times but never really waking up. This is MAGIC to me:):)

Last week, SLW1 morphed into SLW2 when I realized C was going to have to sleep around crazy-loud-funny family for Thanksgiving. You think he’d be used to it by now with me as his mama but NOOO. He’s not. 

So while my sister packed and moved last week, I helped her everyday (except Tuesday) and by Saturday, C was sleeping so marvelously at her old and new house. And sleeping with tons of different people around! 

Moral of the Story: As long as Baby C is swaddled and has a swing (or Mommy or Daddy holding him) he’ll sleep excellently. 

Now watch him change how he sleeps tomorrow. Just in time for Thanksgiving!!